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Television programs depict PIs as individuals who sit in front of potentially cheating wives’ houses and look to catch them in the act. Usually, the end result is the wife is caught red-handed, or the husband exposes some dramatic secret, one that’s not nearly as significant as infidelity.

While private investigators (PI) will follow a potentially cheating significant other or spouse, a PI’s scope of practice goes beyond this stereotypical scenario. These are some of the reasons to hire Patriot, serving Davie, FL, for your PI needs. 


1.Child Custody 

You my wan to hire a PI for a child custody case. During the case, both parties may not act affable. One party may hide funds to pay less in child support or might become vindictive. Sometimes, one parent isn’t fit to raise the child.

A PI can perform a comprehensive asset search and even surveillance. Ultimately, the investigation can ensure your child’s best interests are kept at heart. 


2.Background Checks

You might have performed background checks in the past, but the ones you purchase online aren’t comprehensive and may be missing information. You can spend hours finding all the information you need. A PI is able to find all the information you need to complete a comprehensive background check on a prospective employee, babysitter, or potential tenant. 

Nowadays, with people catfishing others and just telling lies in general, you might not truly know the person you’ve been dating. A background check can verify information and educate you about your suitor. 


3.Personal Injury Claim

A person may not be completely honest about a personal injury that he or she sustained. When there’s money on the line, a person may go above and beyond to place the blame on another party when no serious injury occurred. 

If you suspect this is going on, the only way to prove it is to have solid evidence, such as photographs or a video showcasing the person performing life as usual without limited mobility or being in pain. 


4.Insurance Fraud Investigations

Some dishonest individuals will fraudulently file insurance claims. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) estimates the total cost of insurance fraud cases, excluding health insurance fraud, totals over $40 billion annually

If you’re part of a potential insurance fraud case, a private investigator in Davie can investigate and determine if fraud occurred. This would save you the cost of any deductibles and any issue that could arise from an insurance claim. 


5.Missing Person

Statistics indicate over 600,000 people go missing each year. While some of them are kidnappings, the majority of them are runaways. 

If a friend or family member has gone missing, you can gain closure or potentially be reunited via the services of a private eye. You could attempt to follow the person yourself via paper trails and other means, but this is time consuming. Plus, there’s also no guarantee that you’ll successfully find the person. A PI knows what to look for and has access to information that you couldn’t access.  



Infidelity ranks as one of the more common reasons for divorce. For that reason, many want to hire a PI to follow his or her spouse and find out if he or she is unfaithful. The person will then have proof. 

You could also hire a PI to follow a spouse or significant other to confirm your suspicions for your own peace of mind.  



During a divorce, it could benefit you to hire a private investigator in Davie to follow your soon-to-be-ex spouse or investigate finances. This is especially the case if you fear this individual is hiding money or assets that are rightfully yours. 

These are merely some of the reasons why you could hire a PI. As you can see, though, the service extends beyond following cheating spouses. 

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