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Active Killer

Active Killer

Although you never want to think an active killer situation could happen to you, it’s a possibility and one you can’t ignore. Active killers focus on places where large gatherings occur, such as schools, shopping centers, and workplaces. Law enforcement of some type can deescalate or react, saving as many lives as possible. Helping businesses and other places where people gather prepare for an active shooter situation is also part of our scope of practice. 


Emergency Action Plans

In an emergency, all employees or volunteers at a facility should understand the proper way to respond.

At PATRIOT, we understand how to handle the situation and offer emergency action plan guidance to ensure employees, volunteers, and you are aware of the best course of action using our wisdom and experience.  



Active killer situations are unpredictable and happen quickly. PATRIOT-PI is able to educate you on how to best handle an active threat, protect civilians and minimize loss.


Contact PATRIOT Backgrounds & Investigations to discuss the services we can provide in the case of an active killer. Call us at 954-372-1103, or use our online scheduling tool to book an appointment.