*****Formerly TBL Accurate Solutions, LLC.*****



Results-oriented professional with more than twenty-six years of law enforcement / security experience. Expertise in collaborating with law enforcement officials to develop and promote crime-prevention initiatives, implement theft-reduction procedures and educate loss prevention professionals by providing knowledge and awareness. Expert observation, investigation, assessment and problem-solving ability. Accustomed to working with individuals at all levels of responsibility within corporate, retail, and governmental organizations.


Provided investigative services for both the private and commercial sectors. Specializes in the following services: surveillance for insurance fraud, civil investigations, corporate investigations, domestic investigations, loss prevention, criminal defense investigations, background screening, premise liability investigations by utilizing CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) principles, etc. Involved in networking with other law firms, private corporations and other PI Firms to obtain new business.



As a Detective, Adam retired from the Sheriff’s Office following a distinguished law enforcement career as a narcotics detective, Criminal Investigations in the areas of Fraud, Property Crimes and Persons Crimes. He has an extensive background in undercover/covert operations and surveillance, served as a part-time police instructor at our local police academy and taught new recruits in the areas of crime prevention and investigations.

Adam has numerous experiences as serving in the police administration where his responsibilities were to create training programs, attend numerous network associations to discuss crime prevention topics and has been assigned to conduct and complete sensitive internal investigations. Adam has testified regularly in court in a vast amount of criminal cases, interacting with attorneys, judges, and jurors and has received numerous letters of commendations from superiors and citizens and has been selected by superiors as Officer of the Quarter.

Adam retired in 2014 and was offered a Director of Security Position for a larger retail mall which was associated with a fortune 500 company. During his tenure, he has conducted numerous insurance fraud and premise liability investigations that impacted the retail center. Adam was responsible in making numerous changes to the environment to reduce the legal litigation cost factor in many cases. After a successful four-year tenure, Adam decided to broaden his expertise in the field of Private Investigations and Executive Protection.