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Background Checks and Drug Screening

What is a background check?

A background check is, in very basic terms, information which is compiled on an individual which may be considered when determining eligibility for a job or housing. An employer or property manager determines what components to include in the background check based on the industry, position, or housing unit. The components may include criminal history information, civil records, driver records, employment records, educational information, license verification, credit information and reference checks


Why should YOU conduct background checks?

Background checks are completed for many reasons including compliance with housing, licensing and employment laws and regulations. Additionally, employers and property managers use background checks to make informed placement decisions, retain the most qualified candidates, and mitigate the risk in selecting the wrong candidate. Workplace violence, fraud, embezzlement, and theft are a multi-billion dollar drain on our economy, a cost which can be mitigated. Additionally, we live in an electronic world where publicity, particularly negative publicity and headlines spread quickly. The first question posed by media in any workplace violence situation is whether there was a background check — the “wrong” answer can devastate the very foundation of a trusted organization. Organizations owe it to their employees, their customers and the public to complete their due diligence and perform a background check on applicants to mitigate risk in homes and workplaces.


Why choose PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations?

Unlike many background screening providers, PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations was founded by and employs current and former law enforcement officers. All PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations’ employees are licensed private investigators. We are comprised of current and former law enforcement officers who have taken the wealth of knowledge they received over many years as investigators to the corporate world.  PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations is regulated by multiple agencies to include the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Florida Division of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at the federal level as well as subject to state attorney general enforcement actions. Our investigators must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) as well as state privacy and consumer protection laws. PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations is dedicated to ensuring that employers, landlords, and volunteer groups have a full picture of those that enter workplaces, lease their apartments, and care for vulnerable populations. Federal and state laws and regulations along with competitive market forces have combined to make our industry the most comprehensive, accurate and fair way for employers, landlords and volunteer groups to make informed decisions about prospective employees, volunteers and tenants.

Our goal at PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations is to provide you with convenient, fast, and most importantly ACCURATE information! Learn how you can protect you and your company from any liability due to negligent hiring, and inaccurate and/or incomplete background reports.

Drug Screening

Drug Screening is an inexpensive way to help assure you are hiring safe drug free employees to represent you and your company. Alcohol and drug abuse creates significant safety and health hazards and can result in decreased productivity and poor employee morale. It also can lead to additional costs in the form of health care claims, especially short-term disability claims.
What We Offer?
· On-Site Drug Collections At Your Site

· In-Office Drug Collections in our Office
· Urine & Oral Fluid Collections
· Free Drug & Alcohol Policy Assistance for clients
· DOT Mandated Reasonable Suspicion Training
· Employee Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training
· Hair Collections
· Breathalyzer Tests
· DNA Testing
Reasons employers implement drug testing are to:
· Deter employees from abusing alcohol and drugs
· Prevent hiring individuals who use illegal drugs
· Identify early and appropriately refer employees who have drug and /or alcohol problems
· Provide a safe workplace for employees
· Protect the general public and instill consumer confidence
· Comply with State laws or federal regulations
· Benefit from Workers’ Compensation Premium Discount program
Why Choose Us?
Testing is done in minutes by our professionally certified and trained drug testing technicians-which saves you money
On-site saves you money-for a clinic or hospital visit, your employee will be absent from the workplace for at least 1-2 hours, and often can be gone 3-4 hours.
On-site testing is great in house company advertising. All employees will be reminded of your company policy against drug abuse-Drugs Don’t Work Here.