*****Formerly TBL Accurate Solutions, LLC.*****


President and Lead Investigator


Results-oriented professional with more than thirty years of law enforcement / security experience. Expertise in collaborating with law enforcement officials to develop and promote crime-prevention initiatives, implement theft-reduction procedures, and educate loss prevention professionals by providing knowledge and awareness. Expert observation, investigation, assessment and problem-solving ability. Accustomed to working with individuals at all levels of responsibility within corporate, retail, and governmental organizations.


Owner and operator for a successful private investigation firm. Provided investigative services for both the private and commercial sectors. Specializes in the following services: surveillance for insurance fraud, complex child custody cases, civil investigations, corporate investigations, domestic investigations, loss prevention, criminal defense investigations, background screening, process services, etc. Manage day to day operations.


In 2010, Cary was hired as a road patrol police officer with the Miramar Police Department. As a road patrol police officer, Cary provided public safety by maintaining order, responding to emergencies, protecting people and property, enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws by identifying, pursuing and making arrests for perpetrators of criminal acts and promoting good community relations. Cary documented witness statements, testified in court proceedings, and filed cases with the State Attorney’s Office. Cary was also a field training officer Field Training Officer for 2 years, providing new recruits with basics of criminal law, policy, and procedures. Additionally, provided instruction in radio communications and city geography, ensuring new officers were tactically sound and proficient in weapon retention and use of temporary restraints. 


In 2014, Cary transferred to the Sunrise Police Department where he worked and ran a small undercover unit to handle organized retail theft, fraud, burglaries, and human trafficking. Cary worked alongside Department of Homeland Security Southeast Region to combat organized crime at shopping malls. Cary received numerous letters of commendations from superiors and citizens and selected by superiors for Officer of the Month. Cary also has taken multiple continuing education courses to include kinesic interviewing, interviews and interrogations, death investigations, advanced report writing, crisis intervention, speed measurement, CPR and first aide, emergency and disaster management, and white collar / financial crimes.


After 10 years in law enforcement, Cary retired from the career and started PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations, LLC. During this time, Cary has performed level 2 background fingerprinting, pre-employment and tenant screening background checks, drug screenings to include DOT and Non-DOT. Cary also performs a multitude of private investigation services to include surveillance, witness and victim statements, complex criminal cases, personal injury cases, worker’s comp cases, and domestic cases.