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Executive Protection Services

Executive Protection Services

At PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations, we understand the risks some people are under, especially if they’re wealthy or high profile. A highly trained agent from our firm can be present with you for your protection.


Executive Protection Detail

If you’re a VIP, we’ll provide protection details, including risk and security mitigation. Our professionals are trained in self-defense and firearm handling and will carefully monitor the situation to look for potential threats.

High-Threat Protection

When a person is particularly at risk for assault or other violence against them, an agent will remain near, monitor, and respond quickly to the situation. 

Workplace Violence Protection

In a situation where someone in your workplace has threatened harm against you, a professional from our agency will provide you with an extra eye to watch over you and will mitigate any problems.

Threat Assessment

We analyse facts and evidence of behavior in a given situation to prevent targeted violence.

Emergency Response

We live in an ever-changing world, and emergencies have always been known to happen. Even during non-business hours, one of our security specialists will arrive at your location in the event of an emergency and keep people, valuables, and confidential materials safe. Some possible emergencies could include: 

  • Alarm failure
  • Natural disasters 
  • Civil unrest
  • Security breaches

If you require the services of an executive protection service in the State of Florida, contact PATRIOT by calling 954-372-1103 or using our secure contact form. We have staff to help keep you safe, no matter your status.