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Did you know that in Florida, LiveScan fingerprinting is an unregulated and unlicensed industry? In Florida to become a LiveScan fingerprint vendor you simply buy or lease a LiveScan machine. It’s that simple! No regulation, no license, not even a background check is required! Isn’t it scary to think that companies and individuals regularly walk into LiveScan fingerprinting locations and freely give all of the information necessary to steal that person’s identity to the vendor, social security numbers, dates of birth, address’s, and even places of birth to the vendor to submit their Level 2 background check. What’s even more scary is that the person with whom you just entrusted with all of your personal information was not even required to be licensed by the state or undergo a background check. In many cases these vendors are located within other business’s totally unrelated to investigations or background checks.

PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations is a fully licensed agency regulated by Florida’s Department of Agriculture. To become licensed, the owner of PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations and all employees are required to submit to a Level 2 Background Check. PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations and all of our records are subject to inspection by the State of Florida at any time. In addition to the State of Florida, PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations is monitored by and subject to audit by several database companies utilized by PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations and its employees. Security and the safety of the very information you entrusted us with is paramount to PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations. The next time you are required to submit to a Level 2 Background Check I hope you will keep this information in mind and think about where your personal information will be safer. People who are seeking work in certain industries may be required to undergo fingerprinting (LiveScan) for a Level 2 Background Check. This type of background check is specialized for professionals considered by the state to be in “positions of trust” and is therefore potentially more thorough than most other history searches, as it collects biometric information on an individual and then compares it against state and federal databases.

What does LiveScan Fingerprinting include?

Fingerprinting (LiveScan) for a Level 2 Background Check includes information about a person’s criminal history and other records pertinent to the position of the applicant. In checking one’s criminal history, state and federal databases will be searched, in addition to sex and violent offender databases. This background check also requires individuals to have their fingerprints and sometimes even a specialized photo for facial recognition taken and submitted along with the original request for the report. This biometric data is utilized in the request to search for profession-specific offenses outlined by local, state, and federal authorities which might forbid an applicant from performing his or her duties in that position.

When is it necessary?

A Level 2 background check is necessary for anyone considered in a “position of trust” and can be mandatory, for example, for those persons who regularly interact with minors. Some examples include teachers, scouting volunteers and day care workers. It can also be required for those who wish to work in any area of law enforcement and for those who are applying for certain professional licenses. Many organizations will require that their workers undergo this background check if they handle large sums of money or have access to social security numbers. The exact requirements vary for each position and also vary from one state to the next.


AHCA Background Screening

Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) requires that professionals in certain medical positions undergo background screening before they can obtain a license or employment. An AHCA background screening is in-depth and will involve checking both statewide and national records.

Who Needs this Screening?

Section 943.0525 of the Florida Statutes indicates the occupations which require an AHCA background screening. They include most licensed medical professions if that employee is expected to provide, “Direct care or services or have access to client property, funds or living areas.” In some cases, volunteers must also undergo this background check. Mental health care volunteers must also submit to a background screening unless they work less than 10 hours per month. Hospice care volunteers must also be screened if they provide direct care to patients. Those who oversee mental health training programs for students must also have this background check performed.


In order to receive a rating of “eligible” on an AHCA background screening, individuals must agree to have their criminal history researched and be willing to provide a photo and submit to fingerprinting LiveScan. Criminal records will first be checked against a database of statewide records by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Once that is complete, the AHCA fingerprinting records will be submitted to the FBI where they will be checked against a nationwide database. The FBI will also check criminal records databases from across the country in order to determine if an applicant has previously been arrested in another state.

Photo Option

As an additional option for those in most healthcare professions, the Agency for Healthcare Administration has now offered to retain the fingerprint and background check records of those who submit fingerprints with a LiveScan photo attached. While PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations offers this option, not all LiveScan service providers are equipped with the hardware and software to offer this service.

What To Bring

PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations wants your experience to be stress-free, quick and efficient! Remember to have the following information and documentation ready for your appointment.
A valid, government-issued photo identification such as, but not limited to:

A state driver’s license,
State ID,
Military ID, or
Green card, and
A secondary ID (No photo necessary) such as, but not limited to:
A voter registration card
A concealed weapons permit
A credit card (please cover the numbers)
The ORI number where the results will be sent
Your application number or other code the regulating agency uses to identify you or your application (OCA, file number, etc.)
Please bring along one of the following payment options:
Personal or company check (made payable to PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations)
Credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express)
Money order
Cash (only in extenuating circumstances)

If your company is paying for you, please provide the supporting payment information. Remember, by having these documents and this information easily accessible during your appointment you will improve the efficiency of your appointment and ensure that your results end up at the right agency or institution.