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Over 400 million shoplifting incidents happen in one year, which is the same as over 100 million daily. Estimates show that each day $25 million worth of items are stolen from retailers. These statistics are a bit concerning for store owners. However, PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations, serving Davie, FL, and the general vicinity, has tips to help you reduce shoplifting. 

At PATRIOT, we don’t just focus on Florida background checks, Florida private investigations, and missing persons investigations! We also handle criminal investigations, such as shoplifting cases. 


Install Cameras

You should expect to pay between $2,320 and $3,910 for security cameras in your business, possibly more if you install more cameras. Depending on the degree of your shoplifting problem, you could save much more than this by deterring and catching those with sticky fingers. 

As you install cameras, make sure you strategically place them to ensure you make the most of your security camera system. For instance, you may want one facing your point of sales. It’s beneficial to have cameras installed at entries and exits, so the cameras can record everyone that enters and exits your establishment. If you have a section that seems to be hit hardest by shoplifting, have a camera aiming there. 

Make sure you follow laws when situating cameras in your store. Due to privacy issues, you can’t have cameras in your bathrooms or dressing rooms in Florida businesses. 


Keep the Place Organized 

Make sure you keep your store organized. When everything is in its proper place, you can take inventory easily and know precisely what’s missing. 

If you have a messy store, thieves realize that you probably don’t know exactly what you have and will prey on your business for this reason. When they notice your store is tidy and organized, they’ll be less likely to take anything for fear of getting caught. 


Create Your Layout With Shoplifting in Mind 

It may be time for a bit of rearranging if you’re having a tremendous problem with shoplifting. If possible, you should move your checkout near the exit. Potential thieves will be more cautious if they have to walk past you or a representative of your company before exiting. 

Additionally, when you set up your store in this manner, you or your staff are more likely to catch thieves as they exit. 

You could also set up your point of sale where most theft is happening. 


Train Your Employees

Your employees should greet everyone that enters your store. While the customers are shopping, a team member should ask if they need any assistance. Not only are these key components in the customer experience, but you’re also showing customers that your staff is attentive. Thieves will be less likely to steal if they know your staff is on the ball.

In addition, train employees to recognize the tricks shoplifters use, such as price tag switching. All your staff should also know what to do when they spot a shoplifter. 


Working With a Private Investigation Company

If theft is a common occurrence in your store, start working with a private investigation company that addresses criminal investigations. The company can help you track down thieves to recover stolen items or at least prevent the criminal from stealing from you in the future. 

Ideally, you want to stop shoplifting before it happens. By taking the proper steps, you can accomplish this. However, it’s important to know that our Florida private investigations company does more than missing persons investigations and conducting Florida background checks; our company can also help with retail theft. 


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