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As technology continues to evolve, companies are coming out with new ways to design and build hidden cameras. You can easily find a variety of camera options, such as in clothes buttons, pens, smartphones, smoke detectors, and stuffed animals. Whether you are an investigator or just want to know if you’re being watched, it’s helpful to know some tips to find hidden cameras. 

Tips for Finding Hidden Cameras

1. Use a Professional Camera Detector

If you want to locate any hidden cameras at your office, gym, or home, one of the best tips is to purchase a professional-grade camera and bug detector. This device is designed to identify the radio frequencies emitted by hidden cameras. There are several options and price ranges, so it depends on your budget and specific needs. You can find economical camera detectors for under one hundred dollars or professional-grade devices designed for PIs for several thousands of dollars. 

2. Research the Types of Hidden Cameras On the Market

When it comes to technology, it’s important to do some research first. Find out what type of hidden cameras are available on the current market. You may be surprised by how many cameras are offered on major e-commerce sites like Amazon or eBay. As you start to gain some knowledge of common types of cameras, this will help you look out for them in your everyday life. For example, there are smoke detectors with built in hidden cameras. If you come across a few models online, you will find it easier to locate them when you are going to work or school, traveling, or running errands. 

3. Look at Your Surroundings

Now that you have some basic understanding of different types of hidden cameras, you can use this knowledge to help you look at your surroundings with better awareness. When you enter a building or home, take a big sweep of each room. Then, you can do a more careful inspection of potential places that may have a hidden camera. 

As you do the physical sweep, ask yourself:

  • Where would someone hide a camera?
  • Which hidden camera would I use?
  • How would someone hide a camera?

Common places to check for cameras:

  • Air filters
  • Books
  • Couch cushions 
  • Desk plants
  • Doors
  • DVD cases
  • Electrical outlets
  • Holes in doors, furniture, or walls
  • Lights
  • Mirrors
  • Pictures
  • Smoke detectors
  • Stuffed animals
  • Tissue boxes
  • Wall decorations

4. Use a Flashlight

Did you know you can find a lot of hidden cameras by using a simple flashlight. This is a household item that most people own, making it an affordable way to locate hidden cameras. You will find that cameras have reflective surfaces due to the lenses. Once you shine a light on the suspicious device or location, you will be able to quickly see if it has a reflection from the camera lens. 

Follow these steps to get started:

  • Turn off the lights in the room if possible
  • Shine your flashlight throughout the room, making sure to look closely at objects, walls, and doors
  • Carefully check for any odd reflections

5. Use a Hidden Camera Detector App

Depending on the hidden camera, it may be connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This is a common way to transmit data to a user’s personal device and/or a security monitoring company. No matter the reason, you can find out if the camera is online by downloading a camera detector app. This will use various methods to detect any hidden cameras in a specific location near your phone’s network. While these apps cannot find everything, it’s still a handy resource to use on your search for hidden cameras.

As you can see, looking for hidden cameras can be an interesting activity. You will likely find that you are more aware of your surroundings, which is never a bad thing. We hope this article offers you a few helpful tips to locate hidden cameras in your daily life. If you are in need of an expert private investigator, look no further than PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations in Davie, Florida. Our team offers a wide range of professional services, including everything from background checks to surveillance