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Have you ever wondered if someone is lying to you? This is a natural curiosity that most people have, whether they are talking to a friend, family member, co-worker, or stranger. When you are talking in person, it’s usually easy to observe visual cues whether a person is being honest or not. However, you cannot rely on visual cues when talking on the phone or with someone who has mastered hiding obvious body language cues that indicate lying. If you suspect someone of lying to you about something important, it can be helpful to know some linguistic tips for identifying lying. Based on what you determine, this may lead to you contacting a licensed private investigator for help. Keep reading to discover some tips for identifying a liar.

They Provide Unnecessary Details

When someone is being honest, they typically talk about details that are related to the topic. This makes sense because they know what they are talking about and don’t have to guess. On the other hand, someone that is lying to you usually talks about details that aren’t relevant to the topic. This is an attempt to quickly change the subject away from the lie.

Their Voice Levels and Speed Changes

If someone is being honest, their voice level and talking speed usually remains consistent. If you know this person, you will be familiar with how they naturally talk. When someone isn’t telling the truth, they tend to pause, drag out their words, and do anything else to give them time to create a convincing answer. However, sometimes people will speed up their talking and increase their voice volume. This is done to make it harder for the listener to hear what they said and determine if anything sounded off. 

They Suddenly Have Verbal Tics or Stuttering

Private investigators will tell you that liars tend to have common traits. When someone is telling you a lie, you will usually notice that they are at a loss for words. They fill these pauses with verbal tics, such as ‘um,’ ‘err,’ or ‘hmm.’ They may even add in some random short phrases, such as ‘you know,’ or ‘something like that.’ As they continue searching for the right words, they may suddenly start to stutter.

They Repeat the Same Information

As you listen to a person you suspect of lying, pay close attention to the information they tell you. You may find that they repeat the same details more than once. This is an attempt to persuade you of how valid their claim is, so you avoid questioning them further. 

While you may notice these linguistic markers with those that are nervous, shy, or just tired, you usually can tell when someone you know is lying to you. We hope these tips will help you the next time you are talking with someone and question the validity of their claims. If you suspect someone is lying to you about something big, such as a spouse being unfaithful, the experts at PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations based in Davie, Florida are here to help.