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Ever hear the expression, “Things aren’t always what they seem?” The same applies to people — they’re not always what they seem. Whether it’s for an employee, tenant, or a current or prospective lover, a background check may help you find information to help protect yourself from a poor-performing employee, a lover with a secret past, or a tenant who will bail on you without paying. And PATRIOT, located in Davie, FL, wants you to understand the type of information you can discover with a background check.

Criminal History 

A criminal history report can help employers and significant others alike. It’s also useful for neighbors who want to keep their families safe, among other uses. 

The history report can dig up information about misdemeanors and felonies alike. Detecting violence can protect you from a domestic situation in the future. For employers, it protects the staff and any customers or clients the employee interacts with. 

Finding out a prospective suitor has a background of sexual misconduct can protect you and your children. 

Con artists are masters at deception. They can fake entire relationships and employment backgrounds without missing a step, making it nearly impossible to detect dishonesty. A background check can help you protect your heart, financial well-being, or your business. 

A personal theft charge shows a person is willing to take what isn’t theirs. From the perspective of an employer, the check can protect him or her from losing revenue.

And these are only some ways a criminal history report is beneficial. 

Credit Check

A private investigation service in Davie, Florida, may legally obtain a credit report — an important record that provides a wealth of information about a person’s reliability. 

A landlord may find this check to be an accurate way to determine if a potential tenant will pay his or her obligation promptly or at all. While no landlord wants to be without the income from a property, one who has a mortgage on the home still may need that tenant to pay and can’t afford to have a tenant who will skip out on the rent. 

An employer may perform a credit check before hiring the person. While it seems a bit personal, it makes sense when you think about it. Let’s say the individual is going to manage the financial end of your business. Would you want someone there who has struggled to manage their personal finances? 

Additionally, a credit check looks at the integrity and responsibility of an individual. Those who don’t pay their bills regularly or take care of their debt may lack that. And honestly, do you want an employee who lacks responsibility and integrity working on your team?

Educational Background 

When a job is on the line, a person may exaggerate their educational background or even create a non-existent one to acquire the position. The individual could lie about where they attended school to make them seem like they attended a more prestigious school than they did. 

This leaves an employer in a bit of a predicament. They could hire an employee without the necessary skills for the job. It could also cause harm to others, such as clients. 

With an educational background check, you’ll know exactly what education a person has and from where. You’ll know that they meet the requirements that you have for any prospective employee. 

We’d love to think that everyone that comes into our lives, whether a lover or possible employee or tenant is upfront and honest. However, that’s not reality. Fortunately, a private investigation service in Davie, FL, can help you expose the truth.

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