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While you may think you know your employees well, money could change that. In fact, money can change people. They may go the distance and even lie or falsify a claim just to make a quick buck. When you recognize the signs, Florida private investigators can detect your employee’s dishonesty and protect your business. 

Claimant Has Same Doctor As Other Former Claimants

Think about previous employees who submitted claims. Who was their doctor? If your company doesn’t require them to see a particular doctor and all the claimants have the same doctor, you could be concerned. They may have all gone to the same doctor because that physician is known to sign off on false claims. 


Medical Bills Are All Photocopied

As you’re going through the insurance claim process, take notice if all the bills are photocopied. There might be a reason why your employee isn’t submitting any originals — they may be photoshopped. It’s possible the employee fudged the date of the claims or even created entirely false claims.


Claim Dates Aren’t Adding Up 

Although your employee may be smart and sly enough to look at a calendar when faking dates, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, a person may slip up and put a date in when the office wasn’t even open, such as on a holiday or a Tuesday when they’re not open. 

Ideally, you should verify online or via the phone to determine if the office was indeed open on the date of the claims. 


Employee Lawyers Up Immediately 

Genuinely, an injured employee is going to be most concerned with healing, getting back to work, and making sure they’re receiving a paycheck while they’re off. If you’re not giving them a difficult time, they don’t really need a lawyer. Therefore, you should be leery if you have an employee who is instantly hiring an attorney and not giving you a chance to make the claim right. There’s a good chance your employee isn’t being honest and is merely out to get as much money as possible from the claim.


Vague Summary Medical Bills

Check summary medical bills carefully. They’re easy to fake. Be aware if your employee submits the medical bills and they don’t have any dates. Make sure the bills state an accurate office description as well as the treatment.  


Employee Recently Started 

While accidents can happen to new employees, you should tread lightly if the employee recently started and is now making a claim and holding your business accountable. 

Employee Waited to Report the Incident 

As a general rule, employees who get hurt try to file as soon as possible after the incident. If they’ve been at work and haven’t taken any initiative to file a report they could be lying. Possibly, the employee may be waiting until they get hurt outside of work and blaming it on the work-related injury. 


Won’t Provide a Face-to-Face Statement 

You should be concerned if the employee isn’t willing to make a statement. If an employee genuinely was hurt on the job, there should be no problem giving a statement. However, if an employee didn’t really get hurt on the job, they may have a problem giving a statement for fear they’ll get caught lying. 


Claim Seems Unfathomable 

Carefully analyze the employee’s claim. Does it seem reasonable? For instance, if the incident was only minor, the injuries should be only minor. Therefore, you should think logically and assess the situation. Does the claim seem like it could be an injury from the incident, or is does it seem exaggerated?


While we’d love to think the best of everyone, you know that’s not true. And our Davie private investigators at PATRIOT have seen it time and time again. If you have any doubts that an employee is falsifying a claim, contact our Florida private investigators and discuss us following your employee to reveal the truth and protect your business. 


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