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Process SErving

Process Serving 

Process serving is a term that describes when a designated person serves another party with legal documents, such as a legal notice of a required court appearance. You may hire a member of our team to deliver your documents promptly and properly.

Personal Service

A personal processing service is when a PATRIOT-PI specialist personally delivers papers to the correct recipient. With our service, your specialist will hand deliver the papers to ensure receipt. 

Our professionals will deliver everything from divorce papers to subpoenas.


Substituted/Constructive Service

Substituted service is a phrase that means either a personal investigator or someone he or she chooses can deem someone else to serve the papers. 

Constructive service means that PATRIOT-PI in can post a notification in a newspaper or at various locations to reach the individual. 


Extraterritorial Service

With our extraterritorial service, PATRIOT can assure an out-of-the-country recipient receives a summons. Additionally, a PATRIOT can send the recipient a letter notifying him or her of the summons to the last known address. With the assistance of the court, you may be able to have your papers served via another method. 


Call PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations, serving the State of Florida, if you need vital legal documents served by calling 954-372-1103. You may also use our online form