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Our Davie private investigators at PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations offer more than just surveillance services; one of the latest services we provide is executive protection. 

You might be an Instagram model, company CEO, or high-profile attorney in the Davie, FL, region, all of which are people who gain attention from the general public. Especially with social media, it’s easy for people to figure out your whereabouts, especially if you announce it publicly when you’ll be at a particular event. Therefore, you should consider hiring a security professional for executive protection. Fortunately, you can figure out if this service is right for you by asking yourself certain questions. 


Are You in the Public Eye?

Firstly, evaluate how much you’re in the public eye. If you’re on the Internet or a high-profile individual from a company or law firm, it might be in your best interest to hire protection. 


Are Your Whereabouts Published Online?

Anyone can figure out where you are if your schedule is regularly published online. Therefore, if you have a Twitter, Facebook, or another similar page where you or a staff member reveals your present and future plans, it could be beneficial to have security at those events. The same applies if the news mentions where you’ll be. 


Have You Recently Had a Threat Made Against You?

You should also take into consideration if someone recently made a threat against you. Your safety may be compromised at any public event since you never know when that threat can turn into a reality. 


Do You Find Yourself Uneasy at Major Social Events?

Think about how you feel at social events. Do you feel safe? Or, do you find yourself constantly looking over your shoulder while you’re there? 

You should be able to enjoy those events in peace and feel no stress while you’re there. When you have executive protection, you can do just that. 


Do You Have Any Jealous Competitors?

Competition is supposed to be healthy, right? However, it’s not healthy, though, when one party has it out for their competitors. Therefore, if you know a business owner or other public persona in your same arena who may try something while you’re out in public, you should have some type of protection. 


How High is Your Net Worth?

Wealthy individuals are often subject to kidnapping. The criminal will hold you for ransom until someone is willing to pay for your return, which puts you in quite a predicament. The executive protective guards can protect you from being a victim of this crime. 

Additionally, you also need to take into consideration how much your jewelry is worth. It’s not unheard of for a thief to take a wealthy individual’s jewels while at a gathering, especially when it’s difficult to tell who did it if the thief is sneaky enough. With protection, you don’t have to worry about your valuables being stolen from you. 


Do You Hold Any Secrets That Others Could Find Valuable?

If you have any information someone else could benefit from, your safety could be at risk when you’re in the public eye. However, it won’t be with security personnel.

Whether you’re a business professional, a government official, a highly known social media influencer, etc, your safety could be at stake when you attend major events. With executive security, you have people watching over your shoulder, keeping you safe during the entire gathering. 

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