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Do you feel like one of your employees may be stealing from you? Even if you feel as though you’re fair to your employees, it won’t prohibit them from stealing from you. If you have suspicions, it’s best to know what signs you should be looking for and then hire a PATRIOT PI to confirm your suspicions. 

At PATRIOT Backgrounds & Investigations, serving Davie, FL, and the surrounding area, we’ll conduct criminal investigations and help you decide if you should take legal action against an employee.

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Possessions Are Getting Nicer 

As a person advances in life, it’s normal for them to increase the possessions they own. They might start dressing nicer or purchasing higher-end jewelry or other accessories. They might upgrade their electronics more often or have their hair and nails done. If your employee hasn’t received a recent raise and is coming in with — or bragging about — new possessions, this may be a cause for concern. 

However, don’t let this be your only gauge to evaluate the situation. Sometimes, people have spouses or significant others showering them with gifts, or they could have inherited money, etc. 

Petty Cash Is Disappearing Rapidly and Unexpectedly 

As a general rule, you know how much petty cash you should have at any given time. While this value does fluctuate, it shouldn’t always be a small amount. If you’re noticing you have little petty cash, it could mean an employee is taking it. 


Employee Is in Financial Distress

Are you receiving calls from bill collectors for an employee regularly? Have they come to work discussing that they’re behind on their mortgage, rent, or car? Maybe the employee is gambling or partaking in drug use — two addictions that can quickly escalate and lead to major financial difficulties. 

While some workers will tough out their financial woes and pick up overtime to cover their expenses, an employee could find it as a prime time to take what they can from the company, costing you in the end. 


Wanting to Work Alone 

Although some people are loners and prefer to be alone, it should raise red flags if an employee insists on working alone at all times. They may be hiding that they’re stealing or would like to continue stealing from your company. 


Apprehensive About Taking Time Off Work 

Yes, some people are workaholics. They work long hours, pick up overtime whenever possible, and rarely miss work. However, if you notice an employee who wasn’t always a workaholic is refusing to take a vacation, it could mean the person doesn’t want anyone else replacing him or her. If someone else worked in his or her position, the theft could be exposed. 


Problems Arising With the Records 

Accidents happen as you may very well know. However, if you notice multiple issues with the person’s record-keeping, it could mean they’re covering up theft. For instance, some of his or her receipts may magically vanish at the end of the night on several occasions. On the other hand, he or she may have corrupt files that prohibit others from viewing the records. 

Unfortunately, not everyone you hire is honest, even if they have an impeccable resume and flawless work history. If you discover signs an employee might be stealing from you, your first step should be contacting a PATRIOT PI for an investigation. 

Contact PATRIOT Backgrounds & Investigations, serving Davie, FL, and the nearby region, via our contact form if you believe an employee could be stealing from you. A PATRIOT PI professional may also be able to handle other criminal investigations, background checks, and Florida drug screening!