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You may notice minute changes in your loved one’s behaviors and question whether you’re just paranoid or if your loved one could be disloyal. 

PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations, serving Davie, FL, and the nearby region, hears the stories of brokenhearted people regularly. We know the signs to look out for and would like to shed some light on this subject for you. You can then decide on whether it’s worth it to look into Florida private investigators. 

Secretive Phone Usage 

Take a look at your lover’s phone usage. They may become secretive and try to hide their phone. For instance, if you casually glance at your loved one, they may instantly try to shield their phone from your view.

You might notice that they hide in a bedroom when their phone rings.

When your lover places their phone down, you may notice the screen always faces down. 

They may put a lock on the phone when they once left their cell open. 

Working More Than Usual 

Your loved one may magically start working later than usual or going in earlier regularly. 

They might not actually be at work. Instead, they’re meeting with their love interest and using work as a plausible explanation.

More Electronic Usage 

Your lover may use their phone more or may spend prolonged amounts of time online on social media. This could mean they’re talking to someone new.

While this isn’t enough to contact a private investigator if there are no other signs, it is worth asking your loved one about. 

Changes in Your Sex Life 

Your significant other may become less interested in sex with you when they’re getting it from someone else. They may avoid sex with you completely, or they may be disengaged during it.  

On the other hand, they might introduce new positions and techniques in the bedroom that they learned from someone else. If this is the only sign, though, don’t worry too much. They may have just researched ways to spice up your love life. 

Changes in Money Habits 

When your significant other starts seeing someone new, you might notice changes in spending habits. Since credit cards are traceable, your loved one may switch to cash-only transactions. Therefore, you’ll see more frequent or larger withdrawals at the ATM. 

Your credit card bill could reveal a cheating lover as well. You might notice more charges at restaurants or movie theaters now than before. 

Change in Appearance 

At one point, your lover might not have cared about their appearance. They were content without makeup and dressed in basic attire. 

A cheating significant other may suddenly care about their appearance and buy new clothes. You might notice a cheating wife will begin to wear makeup regularly and might start going to the salon more often. 

Change in Interests and Attitude 

Although people grow and change, a cheating lover might pick up new interests and a different taste in music that the other person introduced them to. 

Their attitude toward you may change. They may become angry with you and nitpick at everything you do. On the contrary, they may become indifferent toward you. For example, they might no longer kiss you goodbye or get excited to hear from you on your lunch break. Your loved one’s feelings toward your kids may even change when they’re unfaithful.

There could be explanations for sudden changes in your lover’s habits and behaviors, so it’s vital to speak to them. However, if you’re noticing multiple signs of infidelity, you may want to contact a PATRIOT PI. The Florida private investigations we conduct are extensive and get to the root of your loved one’s peculiar behavior. 

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