*****Formerly TBL Accurate Solutions, LLC.*****




Steven Chin is the owner of Direct Action Training Inc. a professional training company that provides Hand-to-hand combat, edge, impact, and improvised tool training as well CQB firearm training to military, law enforcement, PMC’s, and other security professionals that work in high risk environments. Steven Chin is a highly specialized self defense practitioner and instructor with over a decade of extensive training and experience in many aspects of defensive tactics. An accomplished fighter in the striking and grappling arts, trained by Raul Llopis (six time world champion, winner of Tokyo grand prize at the Tokyo dome, IKF Midwest regional champion, WKF national champion). Also trained by and alongside champion Larry Bordon who has over 30yrs of experience in Muay Thai with over 150 fights.

Competing in many fights in the US and UK Steven Chin has become a very efficient practitioner and instructor in a wide variety of unique skill sets.

Steven Chin received extensive weapons training and certifications under some of the highest regarded specialists in the industry including Grandmaster Bram Frank (founder and director of CSSD/SC, Modular Blade Concepts MBC – Gunting- Conceptual Arnis / Combat Arnis) extending his knowledge of edged tools with Col. Grand Tuhon Leo Gaja Jr (present keeper of PTK system – Pikiti Tirsia Kali, inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, trainer for Philippines Force Recon Unit).

Steven Chin has performed armed high risk & low risk Personal Security Detail (PSD) operations in the US and South America for civilian clients in both urban and wilderness settings. He has completed over 20 courses in special operation tactics, survival, and self defense. Steven Chin has instructed & trained with operators from Force Recon marines, Green Berets, Rangers, Devgru, Russian Special forces, Croatian Special Forces, SAS & Israeli Special Forces. Steven Chin has also worked with the subject matter experts that have been called in to train Devgru as well as Spetznaz. Steven Chin currently trains the Defensive tactics instructors for many of the local law enforcement departments & provides Training to their special response teams (SWAT).

Steven Chin is proud member of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Tactical Training Unit. Steven Chin is also a member of the Broward Sheriff’s Office elite SWAT team. In that training position, Steven is responsible for developing and instructing all of the in-service training for his department.