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Unfortunately, we live in a world where people who work or visit areas where large crowds of people gather need to know what to do in the event of an active killer. Fortunately, PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations, serving Davie, FL, and the nearby region, offers training for just this situation. But what should you expect? Our Davie private investigators have come together to educate you. 



Often, a private investigator will come to your workplace or other location and provide you with the history of active shooter events. This helps you understand that these are common occurrences, so you need to prepare. 

During this portion of the training, Davie private investigators usually educate you about the timeframes that these events tend to occur. This allows you to realize you don’t have time to think, just react. 

History could also include profiling. You learn about the characteristics that previous killers have in common. 

Traits of Active Shooters 

Sometimes, active killers are other students or co-workers. They’re people you may pass every day or at least regularly. As part of your active training shooter, a PATRIOT PI will inform you of common traits of killers, such as anti-social behaviors. These are the people who may have no desire to associate with you or other co-workers.   


What to Expect 

Although no two active killing events are exactly the same, they often have some similarities. For this reason, the private investigator who visits your facility will educate you about what a typical killing situation looks like from start to finish.

Your training leader will educate you about how long it usually takes law enforcement to arrive and what you should do in the meantime. 


Developing a Plan 

As you’re completing the training program, your criminal investigations specialist will help you and your team develop a plan. Each one of you will learn tips for de-escalating the situation until help can arrive. Additionally, the plan consists of what people should do before law enforcement arrives so they stay safe, such as where to hide. 


Helping You Feel More Confident in the Situation 

Our criminal investigations specialists understand the worst-case scenarios and have experience and training in this particular area. 

We get that people never want to be in that situation, especially when we reflect on some of the predicaments we’ve endured. However, we know for certain that you can alter the entire outcome of these situations when you’re prepared. 

With our training, you can feel more confident if this situation should ever occur that you know exactly what to do. Trust us, you may still have some level of fright, but you’ll at least know what to expect and the proper course of action to take. 

For instance, you can learn when it’s the right time to contact help without worsening the situation. 


What to Expect Once Law Enforcement Arrives 

PATRIOT PI knows that it can take law enforcement between 10 and 15 minutes to arrive after you call. Once they arrive, you can expect them to either react or de-escalate, depending on the situation. One of our team members will explain how each situation plays out. 

You never want to think about a possible active killer coming into a place where you are. However, the reality is that it’s a possibility. Rather than hope and wish it never happens, it’s best to stay informed and prepared. You may be able to keep you and your co-workers or fellow volunteers. 

Contact PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations today to schedule an active killer training. We serve Davie, FL, and the general vicinity and are available by calling 954-372-1103 or using our online form