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Did you know around two million pets are stolen every year in the United States? If you have a pet dog, it’s important to know what to do if your dog is stolen. While it may surprise some, licensed private investigators handle all types of cases from missing persons and infidelity to criminal and missing pet cases. Like any loved one, pet owners are devastated when their dogs are missing. Keep reading to find out what you need to know if your dog is stolen.

Just like when a loved one goes missing, it’s important to establish whether the dog is lost or if the dog was stolen. This will help the private investigator determine the best strategy to use.

Looking for Your Pet On Your Own

When your dog suddenly goes missing, it’s natural that you start looking for your furry companion. You may try to become a pet detective by asking neighbors questions, reaching out to the local law enforcement for help, and putting up posters. However, if your pet was stolen, it’s essential that you are careful not to compromise the chances of getting your dog back home safely. This is where an expert investigator can help you.

Hiring a Private Investigator

When hiring a private investigator, these experts will have the time and resources to help you with your missing pet case. Once the details about the pet are determined, the PI will reach out to local animal shelters, hospitals, pet shops, and dog parks to find clues about the pet’s disappearance. The PI will look for witnesses that have vital information about the missing pet. Additionally, the private investigator will request any video footage from the area where the pet was last seen. It may not seem like much, but these experts can find subtle clues from videos. 

Determining the Legitimacy of a Witness

Once those posters go up promising a reward for anyone that has information about a lost pet, it’s common to receive countless phone calls. A private investigator can help determine if a witness is telling the truth and has good intentions. Since most calls are not legit, it’s important to be careful when listening to potential “witnesses.” Unfortunately, desperate pet owners can get taken advantage of, just like with desperate parents of missing kids. 

Analyze Video Footage for Suspects

Like any investigation, video recordings are a huge help for gathering key evidence needed to solve a case. While PIs may not be able to identify the suspects, it may shed light on witnesses of the crime in action, as well as the time and location of the crime. PIs may also identify any vehicles used by the suspects and possible license plate numbers. If witnesses are identified, PIs can then interview them and hopefully gather additional clues needed to find a client’s pet.

Interview Witnesses

Once witnesses are identified and located, private investigators can ask to interview them about a crime they saw. This can be a long process, especially if the witnesses are unwilling to cooperate. If enough evidence is gathered, a PI can reach out to local law enforcement for additional support. The local police may get involved if enough evidence is found, which they will then investigate criminally. For witnesses that were at work during a crime, law enforcement can obtain subpoenas to request access to any relevant information about a case, such as database records. 

When it comes to your family pet, there is nothing you wouldn’t do to get your furry friend back home safely. Private investigators can help clients with their missing pet cases, which is especially helpful when law enforcement is unable to help. If you need help with your case, look no further than the best Florida private investigators at PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations.