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A process server is basically the middleman in legal matters. This individual is vital to the courts because this individual plays a role in ensuring a defendant receives the legal notification of a pending lawsuit. Anyone can serve papers as long as the person is over 18, but you benefit from hiring a professional process server in Davie, FL from PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations for several reasons. 


Knows the Area 

A PATRIOT PI knows the Davie area as well as the surrounding region. While this seems trivial, you need someone who will deliver the papers to the correct location promptly. If any hiccups happen along the way, it could delay the process. 


Knows Federal and Local Laws 

There are federal and local laws dealing with process serving. If someone doesn’t serve in accordance with these laws, the paperwork could become null and void. You could need to have it re-served, which will delay the process. 

A private investigator in Davie, FL, knows federal laws. Not to mention, this individual has been educated on local laws and takes their duty serving papers while upholding the law seriously. 



Let’s say you have your uncle serve the paperwork. Are you 100-percent sure your uncle will be persistent? On the other hand, let’s say you ask your friend. How do you know that your friend won’t knock on the door once, give up, and leave? This could hinder and slow the process. 

A PATRIOT PI is dedicated to serving those papers. This person knows the significance and has vowed to serve the community. The individual is dedicated to the company as well and will want to ensure the business upholds its outstanding reputation in the community. 


While your cousin might be a close friend of yours, do you know what he or she is like at work? Does he or she always come through, or does he or she flake out? Although he or she might be dedicated to you as a friend, do you know how he or she is when the going gets tough? If you’re not 100-percent sure about the person’s reliability, you can’t be sure he or she will come through for you.

When it comes to reliability, any PATRIOT PI has undergone a stringent screening and has proven himself or herself countless times since joining our team.   


Easier to Find Someone

If you have to search for someone to serve papers for you, you’re putting them in an inconvenient predicament, especially if this person knows the other party. The individual may feel uncomfortable but want to remain friends with you without any problems. Therefore, the person will do it out of obligation, and that’s not how you want to make someone feel.

On the other hand, since this is a delicate issue, you could call several people and not find someone to do it for you. 

By deciding to hire a company, you bypass this struggle and find an individual who is willing and trained in this area, reducing the amount of time it takes.


More Control

Hiring a non-local company or designating someone with the responsibility gives you very little control. With a private investigator in Davie, FL, you’re hiring the person, which gives you complete control of when the process is executed. You won’t have to worry about dealing with someone not in the state since all operations are handled locally in Davie at PATRIOT. 

PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations in Davie, FL, offers process serving. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable service because we understand how vital time-sensitive matters like this can be. 

Contact us today to discuss your specific process serving needs by using our contact form or dialing 954-372-1103.