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Every day, around 4,800 burglaries occur in the United States. That’s one home break-in every 15 seconds! While this common type of crime will unfortunately continue to happen, it is possible to protect your home using surveillance cameras. This will increase your house’s security and deter people from breaking into your home. Keep reading to discover some effective surveillance solutions for your home.

Surveillance Cameras

Over the years, surveillance cameras have become a popular option for private citizens. It’s no longer just an option for businesses and wealthy families. These home security systems discourage people from breaking into someone’s home and keep video records of activity within the camera’s range. Studies show that around 60 percent of convicted burglars consider home surveillance systems when deciding whether to break into a home or move on to a less risky option.

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras are a great option for getting an initial scope of people trespassing on your property. People usually set these cameras up from a high vantage point, where the camera can view entry points to your home, such as the front yard or driveway. The majority of outdoor cameras have infrared imaging, which helps the video recording stay clear during low light conditions at night. You can either set up your camera to record footage to a secure data storage device or stream the footage to a phone or computer, if you prefer real-time monitoring.

Doorbell Cameras

These front door cameras are a popular, affordable option for any home. Like outdoor cameras, you can set this type of surveillance up to record footage in real-time via your phone or a secure data storage device. For those that go to work or school, it may be nice to monitor your security footage remotely from your phone. If someone rings your doorbell, the camera will stream the data directly to your phone. This can give you peace of mind when you are not home.

Indoor Cameras

Indoor cameras are typically smaller and less obvious than the other previously mentioned security cameras. These cameras can be strategically placed throughout your home to monitor your different rooms. If a burglar breaks into your home, these cameras will pick up on this activity and stream the footage to your phone in real-time. Depending on the camera and settings, many cameras will notify you of a break-in. This will give you a chance to call the police and be prepared. For some burglars, these cameras act as a deterrent because they do not want to be caught on camera. 

Wireless Surveillance

Unlike the other types of surveillance, wireless options are flexible in terms of where they can be placed. You can set up a wireless surveillance anywhere that you have access to your LAN (local area network). Burglars cannot disable this type of security protection because there aren’t any wires to cut or unplug. If you expand your home security solutions with more surveillance cameras, you can easily connect them to your wireless surveillance system. Not having to deal with installing extra wires or cords is always ideal. 

As you can see, there are a variety of options for strengthening your home’s security. Everyone wants to keep their loved ones safe, so having one of these security solutions is better than none at all. If you need to hire a private investigator, contact PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations today. We are your one-stop shop for private investigation services, including everything from surveillance and background checks to fingerprinting, concealed weapon’s licenses, and much more.