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According to Indeed, an estimated 40 percent of people lie on their resumes. Their study also indicated that three out of four employers have noticed discrepancies on resumes. This isn’t taking into account the ones who got away with stretching the truth or blatantly lying. Indeed’s study also concluded that the most common lies had to do with a person’s education or previous dates of employment. Keep in mind that potential employees may also lie about their criminal history on their applications. 

At PATRIOT Backgrounds and Investigations, serving Davie, FL, and the nearby region, we believe you deserve to know who you hire before you hire them. You’re trusting them with something you invested a great deal in, as well as your clients or customers. We encourage people to perform background checks on employees and for good reasons. 


Protect Your Staff, Clients, Patients, or Customers

When you look into background checks from a Davie private investigations firm, you’ll receive accurate information about a person’s criminal history, including if they have a history of violent crimes. Ultimately, this could protect your staff, clients, customers, patients, or whoever else the person would come in contact with at your business. 


Determine a Person’s Character

Level two background checks look into crimes against children and other vulnerable individuals. Therefore, when you opt for this service, you’ll know for certain if a person has ever harmed a child or the elderly. This not only can protect clients, etc., but it also helps you get an image of a person’s character. Do you really want someone on your team who’s been charged with child abuse?


Shield Your Assets  

Your business may have items of value. The prospective employee may be in charge of handling money. While we’d like to think that no one would steal, this isn’t the case. 

Shockingly enough, around 30 percent of small business closures are from employee theft. You don’t want to be part of this statistic. 

Level two background checks can help you weed out potential employees that have a history of theft.


Hire People Who’ll Help You Establish a Positive Reputation

You want the best people for the job, especially since your employees help build your business’ reputation. If you hire someone who fudged their resume and isn’t qualified, you could harm your reputation in the community. 

When you hire people with experience and the proper credentials, you’ll establish a positive reputation in the area. 


Optimize Productivity

Let’s say you hire someone without performing a background check, and they were dishonest about their experience. They won’t know how to complete the job properly, which could harm productivity. 

When you background check and know the person’s history, you can ensure you hire people who can handle the job, which in return, will optimize your productivity. 


Get Trustworthy Employees

Your business depends on your employees, and you need ones you can trust. A background check can help you establish the credibility and trustworthiness of potential employees. Therefore, you’ll have a team you trust and depend on when you background check. 

Hiring people you can trust can also protect any sensitive information about your clients, patients, company, or customers. 


Improve the Experience for Everyone at the Workplace

When one person carries all the weight or someone is slowing down the process, it affects the workplace’s atmosphere. It frustrates good employees and can even cause them to leave in search of a better work environment. 

Criminal background checks can ensure you hire people that will enhance the workplace by completing their job well, and this benefits everyone. 

When you’re establishing your hiring protocols, consider background checks available from Davie private investigations companies, such as PATRIOT. You create a safe and productive work environment. 

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